Analytics: Adding Existing User to a New Location

This article will discuss how to add an existing team member to another office's Dental Intelligence account

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If a team member works at multiple practices, they can be added to different locations as a user with the same login credentials.

This will allow your team member to use a single log in to access the multiple locations that they work with. Just follow the steps below in the new office's Dental Intelligence account!

Adding an Existing Analytics User to a New Dashboard

  1. In the Office's dashboard the team member needs to be added to, access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Select Team Management

    Note: If Team Management is not an option for you, this means you do not have access and cannot edit settings. Refer to an admin team member to complete the task or grant you the correct privileges

  3. Click Add Team Member button

  4. Fill in the Email Username with the EXACT same email that is used for their existing log in

  5. This will notify you that they exist in another practice's dashboard, confirm that this is correct and that you would like to add them to another location by selecting Yes

  6. This will then skip over the information we already know from the existing user account and ask you to add the needed Permissions. Refer to this article to learn more about Dental Intelligence Permissions

    1. If you need to to change any of the user information, you can click the Back button to adjust the following:

      1. First Name & Last Name

      2. Applicable Roles

      3. Main Role

  7. Once you have added the correct Permissions, click Next

  8. Choose the Locations the team member will be added to. If you have multiple locations they will appear in the drop down menu. Click Next

  9. Attach any Provider ID's associated with that team member if applicable. All Provider ID's that are not already connected to an existing profile will appear in a drop down menu

  10. Click Send Invite

  11. An email invitation will be sent to the team member you have added. This will include a button that will pull up the Di log in page where they can sign in with their username and password to access the new locations Dental Intelligence dashboard πŸ‘πŸΌ

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