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Dentrix: How to Ensure Appointments Show as Confirmed in Dental Intelligence
Dentrix: How to Ensure Appointments Show as Confirmed in Dental Intelligence

This article will discuss how Dental Intelligence defines a confirmed appointment according to the settings in Dentrix

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This article will walk you through some simple settings within Dentrix that you will need to configure if you want confirmation statuses other than the default "Confirmed" status within Dentrix to register as confirmed within Dental Intelligence.

For each appointment created within Dentrix, Dental Intelligence is looking at box titled Status on the appointment to determine whether or not an appointment is confirmed:

The options in the drop-down menu are defined in Dentrix under:

Office Manager > Maintenance > Practice Setup > Definitions

For each appointment confirmation type, there is an ID, an abbreviation, and a description. The abbreviation is what you see when you click on the drop-down menu on the appointment, but the description is where Dental Intelligence is looking to determine whether or not that confirmation type counts as confirmed.

If the description contains the word Confirmed, Dental Intelligence will count all appointments with that status as confirmed. If it does not contain that word, we will show those appointments as unconfirmed.

Here are some examples from Dentrix that will count as confirmed in Dental Intelligence:

Note: The highlighted Not Confirmed status is manually excluded by Dental Intelligence, and does not count as Confirmed, but any other custom status with the description "Not Confirmed" or similar may count as "Confirmed" because it contains the word "confirmed".

Often, other third-party appointment confirmation softwares will create their own confirmation types for the appointments they confirm, and those appointments will not track correctly as confirmed in Dental Intelligence.

Simply adding the word Confirmed to the end of the description for that confirmation type will correct the issue within Dental Intelligence on the next nightly sync.

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