Dentrix: Changing Operatory Name in Schedules by Operatory View

How to change the names of your operatories in Dentrix to display correctly in Dental Intelligence

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When using the Morning Huddle in Dental Intelligence, you may notice that the names of your operatories are different than what you are used to seeing within Dentrix. This article will help you to get those names to display in Dental Intelligence the way you want, through a simple configuration in Dentrix. 

  1. To begin, open the Dentrix Office Manager. Go to Practice Setup, then click on Practice Resource Setup, here:

  2. You should see a list of your operatories at the top right:

  3. Click on the one you want to edit the name of, and click Edit. You should see a screen that looks like this:

Edit the Operatory Title to change the name displayed in Dental Intelligence. Your changes will be saved the next time Dental Intelligence syncs with Dentrix, typically around 8PM each night. 

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