What Notes from my PMS can I see in Dental Intelligence?

This article will explain where to make notes in your Practice Management Software so that you can see them in Dental Intelligence.

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Certain note types added from within your Practice Management Software have the ability to be pulled into Dental Intelligence as well.

Click on your Practice Management Software for additional details:

Practice Management Software (PMS) Notes

Here is a list of note types made in each Practice Management Software that can be pulled into Dental Intelligence:

Dentrix Notes (must to be requested)

  • Office Journal

  • Patient

  • Guarantor Account

If you would like your Dentrix notes to be added into Dental Intelligence, please contact our support team.

EagleSoft Notes (automatic)

  • Operatory

  • Contract

  • General

  • Letter

  • Modified

  • Transaction

  • Pre Auth

  • Primary Claim

  • Secondary Claim

  • Primary Insurance

  • Secondary Insurance

  • Recall

  • Rx Writer

  • Statement

  • Accountant

Open Dental Notes (automatic)

  • Commlog


  • Currently no notes are pulled into Dental Intelligence from Fuse

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