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Follow Ups: Marking Attempts & Daily Use
Follow Ups: Marking Attempts & Daily Use

This article will go through the process of accessing and acting on Open Follow Ups in the Analytics module.

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Staying organized when contacting patients helps to better the patient experience but also simplifies your daily tasks and outreach to patients. Watch the video below to organize your Follow Up process:

How to Attempt a Follow Up

  1. To view Open Follow Ups, click the bell icon in the upper right corner. This list shows patients that have existing Follow Ups

  2. Click on the Patient's name you wish to follow up with to open their patient card.

  3. Or search for patients in the top right Search Bar

  4. Access the Follow Up on the Tasks tab of the patient card, then click the Check Mark button to record attempts or complete the Follow Up

  5. At this point, you simply follow the process to record what happened on your phone call with the patient. Depending on what you select as you move through the process, you'll either be prompted to reschedule the Follow Up for another day to remind you to call them again in the future or you will record who you scheduled and for what.

    It is so easy!

How to Reassign Open Follow Ups

Need to assign a different team member to existing follow ups? No problem, follow the steps below πŸ‘

  1. Click the bell icon in the upper right corner to access the Open Follow Ups dashboard

  2. Select one or multiple follow ups by clicking the check box next to the patients name

  3. Click on the Assign drop down menu

  4. This will allow you to select a team member from the users in your Dental Intelligence dashboard to assign the follow ups to

  5. You will be able to view a full history of follow up interaction in the Activity tab of the patient card so you can keep track of who did what & when!

How to Reassign a Single Follow Up from the Patient Card

  1. Access the patient card by clicking into the patient's name

  2. Make sure you are on the Tasks tab

  3. Click the Assigned drop down and choose the new assignee from the list

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