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Follow Up Tasks: Overview

Learn how to get started using Follow Up Tasks in Analytics

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Follow Up Tasks are like digital sticky notes that help your practice keep track of patient reminders. Create a task and set a due date. When you log into your Analytics dashboard, the task will be waiting, ready for you with all the information you need to know about the patient.

When you are ready to reach out to the patient, simply attempt the task and mark whether or not they were contacted. You can also leave notes, so your staff knows what happened on the call.

In this article, we'll show you how to:

Using Follow Up Tasks in Analytics is the best way to improve production and increase appointments in your practice. Watch the short video below to get started:

The Proof Is in the Follow Ups!

The average practice using Follow Up Tasks adds $107k in collections with just a 5% increase in pre-appointments, all while reducing the amount of time it takes to collect those dollars by an average of 17 days!

Turn On Follow Up Tasks

Enable automatic Follow Up Tasks in Analytics so you can be reminded which patients you need to reach out to on a daily basis.

In order to turn on Follow Up Tasks, you must be an admin user with the proper permissions set. Refer to an admin team member to enable these for you or work with them to complete these steps.

Create Follow Up Tasks

Create Tasks in Bulk

You can use the Patient Finder tool to develop custom lists of patients and create Follow Ups in bulk! This will save you time and help you stay organized when reaching out to many patients.

Create an Individual Task

If you only need to create a Follow Up for a single patient, you can quickly do so from the patient card.

Marking Follow Up Task Attempts

Log each Follow Up Task attempt to ensure that each patient is being reached out to and stay organized by keeping track of your previous conversations with the patient.

Did you know that you can also manage Follow Up Tasks in the Morning Huddle? Just look for the Follow Up Tasks tile in the Today/Tomorrow view and click on it to open a list of outstanding tasks and see who they're assigned to!

Reassign Follow Up Tasks to Teammates

Need to assign a different team member to open Follow Up Tasks? No problem! You can reassign tasks in bulk or individually in the open Follow Up Tasks dashboard.

Track Performance

Now that you have been actively reaching out to patients and logging your attempts, view your performance to see how many patients you and your team got scheduled.

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