How to Create an Individual Follow Up

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Navigate to the patient's card (profile) in Dental Intelligence by either clicking on their name anywhere you see it or by searching for the patient in the Search Bar.

  2. Then simply click the "+" icon.

  3. From here you will have a drop down menu to select the Type of Follow Up you would like to create (Unscheduled Hygiene, Unscheduled Treatment, Unscheduled Broken Appointment, Post Op, Past Due Account, Past Due Claim, Other)

  4. You will then be able to Assign Team Member to be responsible for the follow up. Simply click the drop down menu and click the Team Member

  5. It will show a calendar that will have you select the Follow Up Due Date, this is when the Follow Up will appear in your to do list in the Open Follow Ups feature

  6. Finally add a Note to refer to when contacting the patient. Click Create & you're done!

For more information regarding Follow Ups, refer to the following article:

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