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Follow Ups: Viewing Follow Up Results
Follow Ups: Viewing Follow Up Results

Learn how to view the number of calls made and patients scheduled here when using the Analytics Follow Ups.

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As you are using your Follow Ups daily, Dental Intelligence Analytics will be able to keep track of the hard work that you are doing! After all, you deserve the credit for calling those patients and keeping the schedule full! So make sure you keep track of your performance. 📈

Learn how to view your Follow Ups performance in the video below:

Viewing Follow Up Results

As you mark attempts and complete follow ups, Dental Intelligence Analytics will keep track of your attempts and the details that are included.

  1. Hover over the Follow Ups Bell icon in the left side menu

  2. Select Follow Up Results

  3. Here you will be able to view the source data details of completed & attempted Follow Ups

  4. To view different date ranges, select either the pre-made filters (Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days)

  5. Or select the Date & Calendar icon to choose specific days, weeks, months, years or ranges

Important note: If you notice follow up attempts that have been done by "Unknown", these are just attempts by Dental Intelligence employees testing the follow ups.

Tracking Follow Ups

Completed Past Due Claims Follow Ups are not tracked in the Follow Ups Results page. This is because claims are not under the control of the practice. The history of the follow up will still be tracked in the Patient Card Activity.

Completed Unscheduled Broken Appointment Follow Ups will show as $0 being scheduled if the patient did not have a previously canceled / broken appointment.

For Unscheduled Treatment Follow Ups to be completed, the future appointment must be for the unscheduled treatment, and not a hygiene visit.

Click here to learn more about marking attempts.

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