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Morning Huddle: How to Limit the Ability to View Production Numbers
Morning Huddle: How to Limit the Ability to View Production Numbers

This article will discuss which permissions to update to limit team member access to production numbers in the Morning Huddle.

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If you would like to limit your teams ability to view production numbers in your Morning Huddle feature, you are now able to update the Dashboards permission to None.

If a team member has None selected for the Dashboards permission, the user cannot view Performance Board, Collections Board, Provider Pulse, Profitability Formula and the user cannot export patient data. In addition, production numbers will be hidden in the Morning Huddle.

To do this, follow the instructions listed below.

How to Update the Dashboards Permission

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Click into the Team Management page.

    1. πŸ’₯NoteπŸ’₯: If this is not an option for you, this means you do not have permissions granted to access this feature. An admin team member can grant you access to this by following the steps in this article.

  3. Select the team member profile that you would like to remove the ability to view production numbers.

  4. Once you have the team member's profile opened, select the Permissions tab.

  5. Here you can update the Dashboards permission to None.

  6. Click Save.

What will this look like?

Here is a description and review of what the formatting will look like with the updated Dashboard permission set to None:

  • In the Yesterday and Last Week tabs, the Month-To-Date production bar and the production summary at the top of the page will no longer appear.

    • Note: This does not hide the production metric in the customizable metrics. These metrics must be manually removed by an admin team member through the Edit Metrics process found in this article.

  • In the Today & Tomorrow tabs, this permission removes the scheduled production number and goal at the top, the scheduled production on the individual provider's schedule overview, as well as the completed production and provider's scheduled goal.

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