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Morning Huddle: Overview

The Morning Huddle in Analytics is the best way to make sure that your team huddle is effective and focused on your patients

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The Morning Huddle is intended to be used every day with your whole team. This helps to improve communication & organization. The Morning Huddle will provide you with tons of valuable data AND the reports you would have to run manually in your typical team meeting. All you have to do is point & click!

Before You Get Started

First, make sure each of your providers have a Production Per Hour goal and Clinical Hours set! Learn how to set up Clinical Hours and Goals here.

The Morning Huddle is part of the Analytics Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

How to Navigate The Morning Huddle

Access your Morning Huddle by clicking the Coffee Cup icon found on the left hand menu of your Dental Intelligence dashboard.

Make sure you have a good understanding of how to navigate through the different days of The Morning Huddle and how to customize your Huddle to meet your unique needs:

Adjust Huddle Permissions

If you would like to limit your teams ability to view production numbers in your Morning Huddle feature, you are able to update the Dashboards permission. Click here to learn how to limit the ability to view production numbers.

Utilize The Morning Huddle Daily

Using The Morning Huddle on a daily basis allows your team to be on the same page and pointed in the same direction. This allows us to increase team performance, patient care and overall profitability.

Ready to get started? Follow along with our in-app walkthrough to learn how to use the Morning Huddle in your practice:

Looking for even more information about the Morning Huddle? Check out our on-demand webinar below!

When does the Morning Huddle sync with my practice management software?

The Morning Huddle syncs daily during the Nightly Sync, around 8pm each evening. However, if you have enabled Incremental Syncs throughout the day, the Morning Huddle "Today" and "Tomorrow" sections will sync every few hours.

Please note: The "Yesterday" section is updated only during the Nightly Sync.

Click here to learn more about the differences between a Nightly Sync and Incremental Syncing.

Stay Connected with Our Mobile App

Download the Dental Intelligence Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play to allow your team to be better prepared to have an effective morning huddle. Click here to learn more about the app.

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