Morning Huddle: How to Change the Date

This article will discuss how to change the date being viewed within the Morning Huddle

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When viewing the Morning Huddle you will have access to performance statistics, as well as lists of Unscheduled Patients, Unscheduled Treatment, Past Due A/R Balances and more!

The Morning Huddle's default will always show today's date. This will then provide Yesterday's Statistics as well as Today and Tomorrow's schedule and Opportunity. If desired, you can view previous and future dates by following the steps listed below!

This is part of the Analytics Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Change the Date in the Morning Huddle

  1. Access the Morning Huddle

  2. Hover over the Small Rectangular Tab below your initials. (This is hidden but will pop up with an Additional Statistics tab when you find it!)

  3. Here you will see a small Calendar icon. Click this Icon

  4. Select the date you would like to view & access those statistics and opportunity metrics🥳

Note: After you have viewed the Morning Huddle for the desired date, be sure to go back and select the Reset button through this same process, otherwise it will continue pulling from the date selected:

Interested in learning more about the Morning Huddle? Watch our webinar!

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