The Morning Huddle is intended to be used every day with your whole team. This helps to improve communication & organization. The Morning Huddle will provide you with tons of valuable data AND the reports you would have to run manually in your typical team meeting. All you have to do is point & click!

Access your Morning Huddle by clicking the Coffee Cup icon found on the left hand menu of your Dental Intelligence dashboard & get ready to be blown away! 👍





Looking at what happened yesterday on a daily basis allows you to keep a pulse on what's happening in your practice! If you've set goals, this is where you are able to keep track of your progress. Celebrate WINS and talk about how to improve other areas!

The video below will go in more detail on how to use the Yesterday tab in the Morning Huddle:

Tips & Tricks:

You are also able to customize the Metrics that appear in the Yesterday tab to identify the most important statistics for you and your team to discuss each day. Simply click the Edit Metrics button to start:


When looking at today in your Morning Huddle, you want to make it all about the opportunities to provide better care for each one of you patients!

Note: Today and Tomorrow will have the same format and metrics available, however these tabs will be looking at different dates & different schedules.

In the video below, you will see how to use the Today tab to find those opportunities:

Tips & Tricks:

To learn more about the Schedule format and opportunities, click here!


Being prepared for tomorrow allows you to be proactive and stay ahead of any issues that may arise like unfilled spots in the schedule or a lack of scheduled production!

The video below will explain further how to use the Tomorrow tab to be prepared for your patients:

Tips & Tricks:

You can also access a cultivated list of suggested patients to fill open time in your schedule!

How to Access the Suggested Patients List

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open the Provider's schedule

  2. Click into the Green Open Time Slot

  3. View the list of patients we found that would be most valuable

  4. See the criteria for this list by selecting the "Why these patients?" button

Note: It is very important that you attach ADA production codes to the scheduled appointments in your Practice Management Software. If the scheduled appointments are not associated with a production code, Dental Intel will not be able to recognize the appointment. This might result in the Dental Intel Tomorrow tab showing a date that differs from the next scheduled day in your Practice Management Software.

For more information regarding the Morning Huddle, refer to the following article:

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