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Follow Ups: When Do Follow Ups Close Automatically?
Follow Ups: When Do Follow Ups Close Automatically?

When automatic Follow-Ups are set up, Analytics won't only just create follow ups but close them under certain circumstances as well

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With automatic Follow Ups, Analytics can both create and close Follow Ups automatically.

In order to use this feature, you must first make sure that automatic Follow Ups have been activated, you can check this in the settings menu.

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Select the Follow Ups option on the left side of the page and then open the Auto Follow Up Settings

  3. Select the follow up type you want to activate auto follow-ups for

  4. Ensure that the switch at the top of the slide out is activated (the switch will be green when it is enabled)

What follow ups will be automatically closed?

We will close these Follow Ups types, no matter how they were created (automatically/manually):

  • Broken Appointments

  • Appt Confirmations

  • Hygiene Recare

We do not close these types Follow Ups automatically unless they were created automatically:

  • Unscheduled TX

  • Past Due AR

  • Past Due Claims

If an Unscheduled Tx, Past Due AR, or Past Due Claims follow up is created manually it can ONLY be closed manually.

If a follow up is created for one of those 3 automatically, it can be closed either manually or automatically.

When will follow ups be automatically closed?

Follow ups will be closed automatically during the nightly sync with your practice management system on the night that the requirements to close are met.

The requirements to close the follow-up are inverse of the requirement to automatically create them:

Broken Appointments will be closed if any appointment get's scheduled for the patient, regardless if it has the same codes as the appointment that was broken.

Appt Confirmations will be closed once the appointment has been completed.

Hygiene Recare will be closed once the patient is scheduled for a hygiene visit.

Unscheduled TX will only be closed if the future appointment is not hygiene. Click here to learn more about Unscheduled TX Follow Ups.

Past Due AR will be closed once the patient's balance has been collected and recorded in their ledger.

Past Due Claims will be closed once the insurance claim has been closed out in the practice management system.

Post Op and Other will not automatically be deleted.

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