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Analytics: Setting the Treatment $ Acceptance % Goal
Analytics: Setting the Treatment $ Acceptance % Goal

Treatment $ Acceptance % is the percentage dollars we have presented to patients that are accepted

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Treatment $ Acceptance % is one of the most important measurements in a dental practice

Treatment $ Acceptance % is the percentage of total dollars accepted out of the total dollars presented to the patient. This is identified by the treatment that was added to the patient’s treatment planner and the total dollars scheduled, or unscheduled treatment dollars that have been completed as of today. If a team member was part of this patient’s appointment this team member will get credit for the treatment dollars accepted.

Review Your Treatment $ Acceptance %

You can review your practice provider's performance to identify what your goals should be. Typically, like-providers should have the same goal.

  1. First, access the Provider Pulse from the Dashboard dropdown menu

  2. Go to the Patient Acceptance % Metric under Case

  3. The time range is defaulted to the current week. Change the selected time range by clicking on the blue date range button and selecting day, week, month, year, or choose a custom range.

  4. Filter results by Role, Provider, or Procedure Type.

  5. Review each provider's percentage, and use it as a benchmark to determine at which rate they should be getting acceptance in order to increase profits. Please remember a goal should stretch the person, it should also be attainable. Write down a reasonable goal for the providers.

Best Practice

An average benchmark for a practice to get patient acceptance is about 45%

The percentage here does not matter as much as knowing where you are striving to improve. If you are at 5%, set a goal for 10% and after you hit that move your goal higher.

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