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Analytics: Identify Opportunities Using the DI Analytics Mobile App
Analytics: Identify Opportunities Using the DI Analytics Mobile App

Learn more about the important tools and metrics to utilize within the Dental Intelligence Analytics Mobile Application

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The DI Analytics mobile app has changed the way dental providers prepare for their days. Now you can be aware of what's happening in your practice, before it happens.

As a provider, if you don't know what's happening with the patients you're seeing, before you see them, you're missing out on huge opportunities. The Dental Intelligence Analytics mobile app can help you improve your personal performance and help identify the opportunities you have with your patients.

The two most powerful ways you can use the "My Schedule" feature include:

Note: To access the mobile app, you need mobile app permissions enabled in your User Settings. Anyone with admin rights has the ability to change this. Refer to this article to learn more about enabling permissions.

Scheduling to reach your Daily Production Goal

The fastest way that you can increase your personal production is to make sure you're scheduled to reach your daily production goal

If your daily production goal for Monday is $2500 and you only have $1900 of production scheduled, the chances you'll reach your goal are slim. If your daily production goal for Monday is $2500 and you have $3000 of production scheduled, you're almost sure to reach that goal.

To check your scheduled production, simply open the app. You will immediately see your schedule for the day. Using the numbered days at the top, you can select whatever day you're wanting to look at. 

You'll then see how much production you have scheduled for that day, as well as what your production goal is for that day. 

At the beginning of the week, look at each day during that week, and see how much production you have scheduled. For the days where you're not yet scheduled to your goal, focus on scheduling production for those days. 

By making sure that you have enough production scheduled to reach your goal, you will see an immediate increase in the amount of production that you personally produce. 

Identifying Hidden Opportunities Daily

This moves us down to the bottom portion of "My Schedule".

Everyday, there are hidden opportunities you have, with each patient you see. The Dental Intelligence mobile app helps you identify these opportunities so that you act on them, and improve the care you give to your patients.

You can "slide left" on each patients name to reveal the opportunities you have for that patient. These opportunities include:

  1. Unscheduled Family

    The number of unscheduled family members this patient has. Click on it to see who these family members are. When you visit with this patient, talk to them about getting these family members scheduled.

  2. Unscheduled Treatment

    The amount of unscheduled treatment this patient has sitting in their treatment planner. Click on this to go directly to that patient's treatment planner. See if you can complete any of this treatment same day, while the patient is already in the office. Then, work to get the rest of this unscheduled treatment scheduled with the patient before they leave the office that day. 

  3. Balance

    The outstanding balance this patient has with your practice. Before the patient leaves the office, work with them to get this outstanding balance collected. This will dramatically help your practice's collections.

Every night, prepare for the next day by looking at that day's schedule. See what patients are coming in, what they're coming in for, and what other opportunities you have with this patient. Do they have any unscheduled family members? Do they have any unscheduled treatment? Do they have an outstanding balance? 

Personally identify those opportunities and then, in your Morning Huddle, talk with your team about how to best act on those opportunities. 

By preparing for your day, and then acting on those opportunities, you will consistently increase your personal performance.

Our hope is that by using the Dental Intelligence app you can be more aware of the patients you're seeing. Our goal is to help you increase your patient care, team performance, and practice profitability. 

Refer to the following article to learn more about other features included in the Dental Intelligence Mobile App:

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