Analytics: How to Find Unscheduled Production

Three ways patients and their treatment get lost and how you can get that production scheduled back into your practice

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Dental Intelligence Analytics helps you turn the information from your practice management system into clinical opportunities. Our software can show you production opportunities, easily collect on accounts receivable and keep your schedule full. Need more active patients to fill your chairs? Our practice analytics can show you which unscheduled patients to focus on.

Analytics Features Made to Track Down Unscheduled Opportunities

We recommend utilizing these three Analytics features to locate unscheduled production from your existing patients:

1. Follow Ups

Dental Intelligence's Follow Ups are an easy to use feature to help you keep track of your patients by reminding you who you need to check in with. Be reminded of patients needing hygiene recare, unscheduled treatment, past due balances and so much more.

Watch the short video below to learn how to start setting up Follow Up reminders:

How Follow Ups Work for You

The best time to schedule patients for their treatment is when they are in the practice, and in front of you. If the patients don't schedule at either of those times, Follow Ups help you ensure that they don't fall through the cracks.

Follow Ups allow you to make a reminder to yourself to call or text a patient in the future. Create a dental follow up and set a due date. When you log into your Dental Intelligence Dashboard, the follow up will be waiting, ready for you with all the information you need to know about the patient.

When you are ready to reach out to the patient, simply attempt the follow up and mark whether or not they were contacted. You can also leave notes, so your staff knows what happened on the call.

Improve the quality of your calls and patient outreach by knowing exactly what you need to talk to your patients about. Follow ups benefits you and your patients by increasing the efficiency of your practice and enhances the patient experience.

Click here to learn how to set up Follow Ups in Analytics.

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Click here to learn how to track Follow Ups and view results.

2. Performance Board: Unscheduled Patients Metric

The Unscheduled Patients Metric found on your Performance Board will help you identify your active patients that do not have a future appointment on the books.

Watch this short video for an in-depth overview of how the Unscheduled Patients metric can help you locate existing patients without a scheduled return appointment:

Populate a list of patients and sort based on production value

Click on any section of the Unscheduled Patients pie chart to populate a list of all patients who have completed treatment within the selected time frame and are currently unscheduled for any future appointment.

These time frames include:

  • 0-6 months

  • 6-9 months

  • 9-12 months

  • 12-18 months

  • 18-36 months

In the populated list, sort the last column to see the treatment plans from highest dollar amount to lowest. These patients might have active Follow Ups that you and your team are working on. Use this list in tandem with Follow Ups to identify your greatest opportunities.

Click here to learn more about the Unscheduled Patients metric.

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the Performance Board.

3. Performance Board: Restorative/Elective Case Metric

The Restorative/Elective Case Metric in the Performance Board captures the number of patients who were presented with treatment, identifying how much of that treatment they accepted, and how much was left unscheduled. This metric is calculated retroactively, meaning that Dental Intelligence uses historical data in order to determine the current outcomes.

Watch this short video to learn more about how the Restorative/Elective Case metric can help your practice determine which patients have unscheduled treatment:

Use Restorative/Elective Case data to capture treatment opportunities

The Restorative/Elective Case Metric is a great place to double check and identify your unscheduled treatment. We recommend that you view this every day because you will find patients that scheduled their next hygiene appointment, but did not schedule their treatment.

Generate a list of patients by clicking on the magnifying glass icon above the chart data, then filter the list by Treatment type.

Click on a patient name to open their patient card. In the example below, the patient has a hygiene appointment scheduled in advance, but they currently have $1,584 of unscheduled treatment.

The question now becomes: Do we want to wait for the hygiene appointment to schedule the patient for their treatment? The answer is NO! Using the data collected from the Performance Board, you and your team can act on potential opportunities right away!

Click here to learn more about the Restorative/Elective Case metric.

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