Patient Finder: Creating a Custom List

This article will go through to steps to create and save a custom patient finder list

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Identifying specific lists of patients will save you tons of time when making outbound attempts to schedule or connect with patients. Determining these patients has been simplified through our Patient Finder tool. You can add custom filters to your patient base to narrow down what types of patients are the most valuable.

This is part of the Analytics Module. If you are not an Analytics customer and are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

If you are an Engagement and Analytics customer, you can contact the support team to integrate your custom Patient Finder lists into your Engagement filters library.

How to Create and Save a Custom Patient Finder List

To save a Patient Finder list, you must first create one. Follow the steps listed below to get started.

  1. Go to Patient Finder

  2. You can create a brand new list by selecting Start From Scratch

  3. Then create a list by using the filters that appear when you select Edit Filters then click Add Filters

  4. Or you can select a pre-made filter by clicking into one of the Top Staff Picks or Popular Searches. From here you can customize and change the filters as needed

  5. You can follow the same process of adding filters, or editing the active filters by selecting the Pencil Icon. You can even select the Trash Can to delete existing filters you no longer need

  6. When you're finished applying or editing filters, click Save and Done. This will take you back to the list of patients found that match your filters

  7. Click Save in the top right hand corner and enter in a Name to save it as

  8. These saved lists will appear in your Saved Search section

  9. You can delete these by selecting the Trash Can icon or edit them by clicking into them and following the same steps listed above

Note: Patient Finder lists will automatically update as changes are made in your Practice Management Software. These updates will occur when we sync with your Practice Management Software, this is on a 24 hour sync time. If a patient no longer matches the criteria set through the filters, they will be removed from the list. This will also identify patients that match the criteria and populate them on the list if they did not previously.

Additional Resources

Now that you have created and saved your custom list, refer to these articles to learn about compatible tools you can utilize with the Patient Finder:

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