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Analytics: Patient Card Overview
Analytics: Patient Card Overview

Learn how to utilize the patient card in Analytics so that you can efficiently manage information and stay on top of scheduling and payments

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Keeping up with every patient record can be overwhelming in a busy dental practice. Analytics patient cards were created so you and your team can easily have access to patient information, scheduling, payments, and communication options in one central location.

You can use Analytic's patient card to see patient contact information, track communications, collect past-due balances, and so much more! In this article, you'll learn about:

How to Access the Patient Card

To access patient cards from anywhere in Analytics, use the Patient Search Bar located within the top navigation bar of any webpage. Search patients by name or ID to get started.

You can also access patient cards from the Follow Ups bell in the top navigation or the left side menu. Open a patient card by clicking on the patient's name.

You can also access patient cards from the Patients tab in the left side menu and click on Patient Finder.

Review existing patient lists or create new searches using filters that can be saved as lists you can easily access again and again.

Patient Information Overview

Once you've searched for and located the patient, click on their name to open their patient card. To access their patient information overview, click on the carrot in the upper right corner of the patient card.

From this slide, you can view contact information, appointment information, and patient identifier information like their Patient ID, age, gender, and Insurance ID.

Patient Card Quick Actions


Click on the Calendar icon to make an appointment. Choose from sending the patient an email or text message, schedule directly from the calendar, or create a custom scheduling link so that the patient can choose a date that works with their schedule.

Note: The ability to schedule from within the patient card is only available if you have LocalMed online scheduling set up in Analytics. If you do not use LocalMed, the Calendar icon will not appear in the patient card.

Send Payment Requests and Collect Payment

Click on the Payments icon to send the patient a payment request or to collect payment directly via your virtual terminal during in-office visits or over the phone.

Note: The ability to collect payment directly from the patient card is only available if you are enrolled in Analytics Payments [di Payments]. If you do not use Analytics Payments, the Payments icon will not appear in the patient card.

Direct Communication

Click on the Phone or Mail icon to contact the selected patient with a phone call or send them an email.

Note: Analytics does not integrate with phone or email services. Clicking on the phone or mail icon within the patient card will open whatever phone/email services are currently available on the workstation you are using. If you have a phone system set up on your workstation PC, clicking the phone icon will open that phone service. On Mac, clicking the phone icon will open FaceTime, or if you click the mail icon it will open Apple mail.

Private Patient Notes

Click on the Clipboard icon to create a private note related to the selected patient. This can be a helpful tool for your team to better serve the patient during their next visit.

Note: The notes you add to the patient card within Analytics do not sync to the PMS.

Create Follow Up

Click on the '+' icon to create a Follow Up directly from the patient card. Choose the follow up type, provider, date, and notes. Click Create to save the Follow Up when finished.

Outstanding Tasks

Use the Tasks tab of the patient card to review any action items related to the selected patient. The patient card will show the current tasks that are related to this patient, such as outstanding follow ups, pending treatment costs, and upcoming hygiene appointments that still need to be scheduled.

Patient Stats

Use the Stats tab to review the patient's last visit date, next visit date (if scheduled), when their next hygiene appointment is due by, any outstanding AR balance, remaining insurance, and any current treatment plan balance.

Associated Family

Use the Family tab to review associated family members related to the selected patient. Use this tab to find additional opportunities for scheduling upcoming or overdue appointments.

Clicking on the associated family member's name will open their patient card.


Use the Activity tab to filter recent actions related to the selected patient. Filter by follow ups, notes or the office journal, scheduling, and payments.

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