Analytics: Patient Chat Integration
This article will discuss the Patient Chat feature that is now available in the Dental Intelligence dashboard with Engagement [Modento]
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Patient Chat is a new integration with your Dental Intelligence service. This integration allows you to reply to and communicate with patients that respond to your LocalMed Online Scheduling & DI Payments messages that are sent through Dental Intelligence. This ensures any questions that patients have, go directly to you and your team. No additional fees or subscriptions are required.

How to Use the Patient Chat Feature

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click into the Patient Chat icon on your left hand menu in Dental Intelligence

  2. This will pull up a separate window in your browser with the Engagement [Modento] dashboard. If you are not an Engagement [Modento] customer, this will show as a lite version of Engagement [Modento] and will open to an inbox format of all patient chats

  3. If you are an Engagement [Modento] Customer it will open to your usual Patient Chat dashboard

  4. Patient chats will appear here when patients respond to either a LocalMed Online Scheduling text or a DI Payments Request

  5. Click into the chat with the needed patient and type out your response

  6. Click Send

Here you can select the patient chat you would like to respond to. You will also be able to see the number that messages will be delivered with. This will be a number unique to your practice. We recommend that you invite patients to save this number in their contacts for future communication!

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