Analytics: Patient Chat Integration

Learn about utilizing the Engagement Patient Chat feature available in your Analytics solution

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Patient Chat integration allows you to reply to and communicate with patients that respond to your LocalMed Online Scheduling & DI Payments messages that are sent through Dental Intelligence. This ensures any questions that patients have, go directly to you and your team.

Please note: Patient Chat requires subscription services to LocalMed Online Scheduling and/or Analytics Payments [formerly di. Payments].

Access Patient Chat in Analytics

  1. Click on the Patient Chat icon on your left hand menu in Analytics and select Patient Chat

    ​a. If you are not an Engagement customer: A separate browser window will open the lite Engagement [Modento] dashboard. The Patient Chat inbox will display all available patient chats
    ​b. If you are an Engagement customer: A separate browser window will open your Engagement dashboard and your Patient Chat inbox will display patient chats as usual

  2. Patient chats will appear in the Patient Chat inbox whenever patients respond to either a LocalMed Online Scheduling or Payment Request. Within the Patient Chat inbox, unread messages are shown as bolded with a number indicating the amount of messages that are unread

  3. Click on each message line item to open the reading pane and enter a response

    1. Use the available message options to insert placeholders, load a quick message, or add an attachment

  4. When finished, click Send

Helpful hint: Access additional patient information by clicking on the three-dot menu beside each patient's name.

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