Watch this short video to learn how to navigate the Mobile App and find data & statistics on the go!

Scheduling is important to a healthy practice. Knowing whether or not you're scheduled to meet your goals is important to grow your practice. Dental Intel has an app for your phone where you can check that super quickly!

You can download this in your phones App Store by looking up Dental Intelligence. The icon will look like this:

Once this is downloaded you will log in using your Email Username and Password!

You are able to limit and control which team members have access to the Dental Intelligence Mobile App. refer to our Permissions article to learn how to disable or enable access to this feature for your team members:

The Schedule in the Mobile App

Here is the main section for the Schedule. Right off the bat, you will see how many patients you have scheduled for each hour you are working, whether or not you are scheduled to your goal and the amount of unscheduled TX the patients coming in have.

You can change the date range at anytime just by scrolling at the top or tapping the calendar icon at the top left:

Providers and Patients 

If you tap Practice drop down menu at the top, you can choose to view an individual provider's schedule or all Dentists / Hygienists.

This will also include some helpful information like New Patients or if they have a birthday two weeks before or after their appointment. You can even swipe left on each patient to see things like Unscheduled Family Members, Balance, and their Unscheduled Treatment amount: 

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