We’ve all heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”. Have you ever wondered what it takes to do that? 

When trying to have a productive workday, preparation is key to success. Here are three ways that you can prepare to have an efficient day:

1. During Your Morning Huddle:

  • Check your schedule for unscheduled hygiene patients and unscheduled treatment opportunities.

  • Look for open time or potential issues to be addressed throughout the day.

  • Pick a specific goal. Was that daily goal reached? What will you do to work towards that today?

2. Are You Ready to Go?

  • Double-check that everything is set up – trays, stations, etc.

  • Make sure that all equipment and supplies are in shape for effective utilization.

3. Motivate Your Team!

  • What are your team’s goals for today? What happens if they reach them? Give your team something to work towards!

  • Remind everybody why they are there-- to take care of their patients and help them live a better quality of life.

Taking these steps will help you reduce stress throughout your day and become efficient, allowing you to do what you love most: take care of your patients!

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” - Bobby Unser

*Morning Huddle is a feature in the Analytics Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

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