Ever wonder about the impact of your work in your practice? 

How can you help give patients better care and increase the profitability of your practice in the process? 

The secret is the Profitability Formula! 

The Profitability Formula outlines what details of your practice you can work towards improving each day. These areas have a HUGE impact on the success of your office.

VISITS: As someone who works in the Front Office, you can make sure that no patients slip through the cracks

Here are the top 5 ways that you can increase the number of appointments in your practice:

  1. New Patients: Make sure each new patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment and has the best experience possible on their first day in your office.

  2. Re-appointment: Even if it’s six months down the road, encourage your patients to get their next visit on the books at the time of visit. 

  3. Re-Activation: Many patients go inactive without even realizing how long it’s been since they’ve had an appointment. Give them a call to bring them back in!

  4. Case Acceptance: Does somebody have treatment that needs to be scheduled? Be sure to bring that up before the patients walks out the door without scheduling!

  5. Reduce Broken Appointments: Educate your patients on your cancellation/no-show policy. The more they hear it, the better they will remember!

You can find patient names that apply to each of these 5 areas of your practice in Dental Intel. Log in to easily find these names and start increasing the visits for your practice today!

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