Successful businesses are focusing on culture these days. Think about it, who doesn't want their career to be more fulfilling and rewarding?

But what does that mean for you and the practice? How can you make sure that you feel fulfilled in your everyday duties? Every aspect of that will come from the culture that you help create in the office.

Here are some things that can really help the culture of your practice improve:


Building an environment that people feel comfortable in is of vital importance. As we trust each other (we all know that we’re on the same team), we are conditioned to be more vulnerable. When everyone in the office is vulnerable, everyone is in a better position to look at the data in Dental Intelligence positively and set actionable goals together. When this is the mindset, the whole team will feel fulfilled and engaged as they hold themselves and each other accountable for the goals that are set. Everybody wins in an environment that fosters this level of vulnerability.

Promoting a Team Atmosphere

One way employees find their careers fulfilling is to build a great team culture. Without good teamwork in the workplace, it can be difficult to progress as a business. In fact, 86% of employees and executives state that workplace failures are due to a lack of collaboration or broken communication. Working together toward a common goal and creating buy-in can tie a team together.

Give and solicit regular feedback

Feedback provides an opportunity to develop skills and identify areas that need improvement. Giving and receiving feedback is quite influential and needs to be handled carefully. Here at Dental Intelligence, we follow the 3-to-1 rule when giving feedback. For each interaction you have when it comes to feedback, you give three positive pieces of feedback and one opportunity for improvement. By taking this approach, the team members understand their value and can set new goals to improve.

What Now?

We invite you to work towards a more healthy culture by bringing your team together and transparently discussing the status quo. Everyone should participate in this discussion and share personal insights. Once all the cards are on the table, and everyone expresses their concerns, work together to decide on two or three main goals.

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