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Analytics: Team Performance Insights
Analytics: Team Performance Insights

Learn more about how to measure team performance and review areas of opportunity

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Before you can improve your dental practice, it's important to first understand how your practice is currently performing. When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measure and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.

Our Analytics platform has a variety of dashboards that you can use to curate insights on team member performance and overall practice health. In this article, we'll review:

Morning Huddle

To improve performance in your dental practice, start by using the Morning Huddle to review yesterday's performance. Celebrate wins and discuss opportunities for improvement, keeping the conversation positive. Focus on one area for improvement at a time to avoid overwhelming your team.

With an automatically generated agenda (which you have full control over), your team can see what is really happening, what is scheduled to happen and what could happen in order to have a successful day.

Access your Morning Huddle by clicking the Coffee Cup icon found on the left hand menu of your Dental Intelligence dashboard.

To get the best information out of the Morning Huddle, it’s important to make sure that your practice information is entered and up to date. Before you host your first huddle, please do the following:

  1. Ensure that each of your providers are set up correctly, along with their clinical hours and goals. Learn how to set up goals here.

  2. Update permissions to adjust accessibility to the Morning Huddle across your team. Learn how to limit the ability to view production numbers here.

  3. Format the schedule view in Dental Intelligence to reflect the same order as it is set in your Practice Management Software. Learn how to adjust the schedule order here.

Ready to get started? Follow along with our in-app walkthrough to learn how to use the Morning Huddle in your practice:

Provider Pulse

Ever wish you could see how each team member is performing individually? Well, now you can! Instead of pulling individual reports for each provider, you can get all the information you need in one centralized location.

The Provider Pulse allows you to see how each team member is performing and identify top performers. Learn from their strategies and implement them with the rest of your team to help everyone improve. Access the Provider Pulse by clicking on the Dashboards icon in the left side menu and then choosing Provider Pulse.

The Provider Pulse breaks down different metrics by individual providers. You can track metrics in the following categories:

Watch the short video below for more information about using Provider Pulse metrics in your practice:

Continue learning with these articles:

  • Click here to learn how to track provider goals in the Provider Pulse

  • Click here to learn how to apply Procedure Filters to Case Metrics

Or, follow along with this in-app walkthrough:

Treatment Teams

Most of the time, when a patient accepts treatment, it is because they had positive interactions with a few different people at the practice, leading them to accept the proposed treatment.

Analytics has designed the Treatment Teams function to show the case acceptance performance of different “teams” of people in the practice working to get patients to accept the treatment they have presented to them. From there, you can view the case acceptance performance of different Treatment Teams on the Case metrics in the Provider Pulse.

Note: The Treatment Team that is automatically added after syncing is based off of what providers had codes walked out on the ledger. It is not based on what providers are attached to the appointment.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Click here to learn more about utilizing Treatment Teams in your practice.

Follow Ups Results

With so many patients to keep track of and so many calls to make, we built a tool to help you stay organized. Follow Ups are digital reminders to contact specific patients. Follow Ups allow you to neatly keep track of all the patients you need to contact.

With Follow Ups enabled and in use, the next important action is to track performance and review the success of your team's efforts using the Follow Ups Results dashboard. To access Follow Ups Results, click on the bell icon in the left side menu, then click Follow Ups Results.

Watch the short video below to learn how to view Follow Ups Results:

Click here to learn more about understanding Follow Ups Results.

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