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Analytics: Strategies for Collecting More

This article will discuss how to leverage Analytics to effortlessly track collections and evaluate practice performance.

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How Can I Maximize Collections When Using Analytics?

Analytics can be a powerful tool that can help you maximize your collections. This article will discuss the basics of analytics software and how it can help you collect more information from customers.

In this article, we will explore:

Gaining Insight into Your Collections Board

Access Your Collections Board

Analytics provides essential collections metrics that offer a comprehensive overview of important aspects such as Accounts Receivable (AR) and Claims Aging. By utilizing this dashboard, you gain a bird's-eye view of the overall performance in terms of total collections and annual patient value. These metrics enable you to assess the financial health of your practice, identify any outstanding claims, track the aging of accounts, and understand the overall value generated by your patient base on an annual basis.

Learn more about your Collections Board here.

Here is an in-app experience for navigating the Collections Board:

Explore Deeper Insights into Each Metric's Data

In the upper right-hand corner of each metric, you will find buttons that offer valuable insights. By clicking on them, you can access patient information, view trends over weekly, yearly, and 90-day periods, and obtain details about insurance companies associated with the metric. This allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual patients, track performance trends, and gather relevant data on insurance providers.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge and elevate your understanding of each metric with a simple click of the "i" button. This feature is your gateway to comprehensive insights on how the data is measured and the precise information extracted from your practice management software. It can be found in all metrics in your Analytics software.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports in Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence makes it easy to stay on top of your practice's performance reports. With Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports, you can quickly analyze data to find opportunities to optimize your practice's performance.

Access the Reports Tab

To access Reports in Dental Intelligence, select Reports from the left-hand navigation menu. You will then be presented with a list of Reports that you can access. Select one of the reports to review your practice’s performance. You can review current performance, past performance, and compare different time periods by selecting the date range on the upper lefthand corner.

Turn on the Weekly Email Option

If you would like to receive continuous updates on the performance of your practice, you can turn on the Weekly Email Option. From the Reports page, click on the toggle on the upper righthand corner and select the "Receive Email" option. You can decide which days and which reports you would like to receive automatically.

Build Your Own Report

If none of the Reports are quite right for you, you can build your own report by selecting Production Report or New Patient Report from the Reports menu. You can then configure your report and click “Create Report” when you are done. Your report will now be available to export.

Learn more about Reports in Analytics here.

Enhancing Daily Collection Efforts for Optimal Results

Review Who Has Balances Coming In Today via Morning Huddle

The Morning Huddle Today & Tomorrow tabs provide a visual way to see patient account balances that are scheduled for that particular day. In these tabs you will be able to:

  • Monitor your progress in real-time and assess how close you are to achieving your daily goal.

  • Keep an eye on individual providers' progress in reaching their daily goals.

  • Identify patients who have pending or unscheduled treatment. If there are openings throughout the day, you will be able to offer same day treatment.

  • Get a comprehensive view of your accounts receivable, enabling you to track outstanding balances, identify overdue payments, and implement effective strategies to reduce AR and improve cash flow.

Assign a team member to one or both of these tabs daily to review the accounts and decide when and where these patients will be notified of their balance.

For more about viewing collection opportunities in the Morning Huddle schedule, follow this article.

Here is an in-app experience for navigating the Morning Huddle:

Turn on Automatic Collections Follow-Ups in Dental Intelligence

Enabling Automated Follow-ups takes the guesswork out of setting up a process for following up with patients, plus it keeps it consistent.

In your settings, under follow-ups, enable the feature for tracking past due accounts. Customize the settings based on the amount and lateness of the outstanding balance. Assign these accounts to a specific team member for prompt follow-up. This streamlined process ensures effective management of delinquent payments, boosting your collection efforts.

Learn how to turn on Automatic Follow-ups here.

Visit Past Due Account Follow Ups in Analytics Daily

By accessing the Follow-Up list, you can filter by the type of follow-up needed. In this case you will select Past Due Account follow ups. This will bring up an entire list of patients that have a balance on their account and need to be followed-up with.

To learn how to mark attempts and use follow ups on a daily basis, click here.

Log Your Follow-up Attempts

Once you have this list available, go through and contact the patients using the necessary methods and log your Follow Up attempts.

Instructions for marking Follow Up attempts can be found here.

Then, be sure to check your Follow-Up Results to see your performance. Check out this article for more info.

Here is an in-app experience for observing follow up results:

Leveraging the Insurance Module for Guaranteed Payment

Ensure a seamless patient experience by verifying their insurance prior to their arrival

Ensure that your practice is set up with Dental Intelligence Insurance.

If this is not part of your subscription bundle, click here to connect with a Dental Intelligence Representative.

Once the onboarding experience is complete, you will be able to verify eligibility, send claims, and correct denials with just a few clicks.

Learn how easy insurance claim processing can be here.

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