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Provider Pulse: Case Section Procedure Filters
Provider Pulse: Case Section Procedure Filters

This article will discuss how to apply Procedure Filters to your Case Metrics in the Provider Pulse

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In the Provider Pulse, Case Section, you will be able to apply Procedure Filters to identify Case Performance for specific ADA Procedure Codes. To learn how to do this, refer to the following article!

How to Apply Procedure Code Filters to Case Metrics

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Provider Pulse

  2. Select the Date Range desired

  3. Click into the Case section and choose the metric you would like to view

  4. Once you have identified the metric, click the All Procedures Selected drop down menu in the top right hand corner

  5. This will have pre-made filters available with specific codes attached

  6. Or you can click Create Filter to create and save your own filters by selecting ADA Procedure Codes

    1. Name the Filter

    2. Choose to Include or Exclude the codes

    3. Select entire categories of Procedure Codes or click the arrow ( > ) to view the drop down list and select specific codes within the category

    4. Select View or Save when done

Why is Patient Acceptance % on the Provider Pulse not showing historical data?

πŸ’₯Important NoteπŸ’₯: The Patient Acceptance % metric will only be able to show data from when you began using Dental Intelligence Analytics in your practice. This metric is not retroactive.

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