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Learn which key features of Engagement [Modento] you should have set up within your first 14 days for successful onboarding

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Welcome to Engagement by Dental Intelligence!

We're so excited that you're here and ready to take advantage of all of the many features available. Engagement was built with your practice in mind and we're here to help you succeed. In this article, we'll go over the key features of Engagement that we recommend you have set up within the first 14 days of your subscription activation.

What is Engagement by Dental Intelligence?

The Engagement platform offers a suite of tools to help you manage your practice with ease and efficiency. Engagement is designed to be comprehensive yet simple to use. It equips dental practices with the tools they need to better understand their performance and make informed decisions about their practice management.

Get started with Engagement by doing the following:

You can also enable the following features in the Engagement module to increase collections and reduce hassle:

Interested in adding Payments or Insurance to your Engagement subscription? Click here to contact us and activate these additional features!

Get to Know the Navigation

Before you get started, watch our short overview video to see how Engagement operates at a glance:

Top Bar Navigation

You’ll always know where you are within Engagement based on the name of the page listed in the top left corner of your screen.

Helpful Hint: Launch a Walkthrough by clicking on any available Learn More button.

From the top bar navigation in Engagement, you can access the following:

  • Change the office location (if multiple offices are available)

  • My Profile

  • Follow Ups Notification Bell

  • Settings

  • App Switcher

Left Side Menu

The left side menu of Engagement houses all of the available dashboards and features that you have access to based on your profile permissions. Hover over each icon to expand each dropdown menu, or click the white bubble arrow near the top of your menu to expand the left side menu completely.

Tip: You can adjust permissions when you are adding your team to Engagement. Learn more about that here.

Support Resources

Use the blue Question Mark bubble at the bottom of your left side menu to access a network of resources. When you click the bubble, you’ll be able to:

  • Search for articles in our Knowledge Base

  • Launch a guided in-app Walkthrough

  • Connect with the DI Community

  • View product updates and announcements

  • Watch a webinar from our library

  • Contact technical support

Importing Data & Data Verification

Dental Intelligence regularly syncs with your practice management software to keep patient and practice data current. During onboarding, your DI Specialist will work with you to verify that the data being imported to Dental Intelligence from your PMS is accurate and remains up to date. Keeping your DI dashboard in sync with your PMS ensures that you never miss a beat, so that you can spend more time with patients and less time doing paperwork.

Continue learning about data verification with these resources:

  • Learn more about how to back up your Practice Management Software here

  • Learn how Dental Intelligence matches numbers with your Practice Management System here

Adding Users

After validating your data, it’s time to start adding users. Start adding team members by clicking on the Settings icon in your top navigation bar, then select the Users tab. Click the blue Add User button to begin entering team member information.

When adding team members, you can set their role and permissions. When completed, clicking Save User. An email will be generated and sent to the new user with instructions about how to login and access Engagement for the first time.

Looking for more resources? Continue learning with the articles linked below:

  • Learn more about Adding Users here

  • Learn how to edit and delete users here

Setting Up Forms and Verbiage


Filling out and entering patient information is time consuming. In an increasingly paperless world, we are happy to provide online patient forms to make life easier for both patients and dental practices.

Engagement provides you with a library of forms that were created and developed by our team members with experience in the dental field. These forms automatically update into your Practice Management Software, so you don't have to print, sign, scan and shred, all day every day. Plus, they're easily customizable to meet the needs of your unique practice!

Note: If you use Dentrix, Forms will update into the DocuCenter. For Eaglesoft, Forms will update in SmartDocs. And for Open Dental, Forms will update into the Images.

We recommend you look through the existing Forms to identify if there are any changes that need to be made. To begin using Forms, click the Settings gear icon in the top right corner and then click the Forms tab.

Make edits by clicking on the pencil icon.


Verbiage acts as a library of all automated messaging content. This content will auto-fill when the messages are sent to the applicable patients according to your established settings in the Appointment Communication section in the Practice Setup tab within Settings.

To customize Verbiage content, click the Settings gear in the top right corner and then click the Verbiage tab.

From this page, you will click into each message type to view the content that is included. These will be separated as Text messages, Emails, and App Messages. We recommend you keep these similar to maintain consistency when communicating with patients.

To edit Verbiage content, simply select the Pencil icon next to the message type. Once you have customized the verbiage as needed, select the Save button.

Get started using Forms and Verbiage within Engagement with these helpful resources:

  • Click here to learn more about Editing Forms

  • Click here to learn more about setting up Automated Forms

  • Click here to learn how to send Forms and Consents

  • Click here to learn how to customize Verbiage

  • Click here to learn more about using Placeholders

Or, follow along with our in-app walkthrough that outlines how to edit your forms, consents, and verbiage:

Kiosk Setup

Now that you've started using paperless forms, allow patients to easily submit forms that write back directly into your practice management software and go straight into the patient file with DI Kiosks. Create a smooth, effortless experience from beginning to end for every patient by using kiosks!

Using DI Kiosks in your practice will:

  • Reduce your check-in and check-out wait times

  • Help patients fill out paperwork quickly and import automatically

  • Remind patients which paperwork is due (no shuffling paper!)

  • Present treatment plans effectively so your patient can understand

Learn how to set up your in-office kiosk(s) here.

Activate Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling with Dental Intelligence lets your patients schedule fully booked appointments directly into your practice management system anytime, and from anywhere.

To begin using Online Scheduling within Engagement, hover over Online Scheduling in your left side menu. Within the Online Scheduling tab, you will see a dropdown menu for:

Send a Bulk Invitation to Schedule

  1. Access the Patients tab from your left side menu

  2. Select the patients to be included in the invitation to schedule

    1. Note: This can be done by filtering with the patient filters OR manually selecting each patient by clicking on the checkmark box next to their name.

  3. Click on Bulk Actions, then click on Invite to Schedule and fill out the necessary fields

  4. Fill out the required information and click Send Invite

Once you’ve sent out scheduling requests, track the success of your efforts in the Performance Dashboard. See how many patients scheduled an appointment online. A color-coded bar graph breaks down the number of new and returning patients that booked appointments online each day. View other analytical data such as which insurances are most common from new patients that schedule online.

Continue learning more about using Online Scheduling in your practice with the resources below:

  • Learn how to set up your Online Scheduling settings here

  • Learn how to send Online Scheduling Links here

  • Explore the Online Scheduling patient experience here

Or, follow along with our in-app walkthrough that outlines how to begin using Online Scheduling here:

Automated Recalls/Reminders

A full schedule is a successful schedule. Dental Intelligence keeps your patients coming back and helps your dental practice increase production with Automated Recalls and Reminders.

Automated recalls can help your practice by:

  • Increasing your practice production

  • Keeping track of patients

  • Helping patients prioritize oral health

  • Improving patient/provider communication

Engagement makes it easy to set up automated recall reminders. First, access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click the Practice Set Up tab.

To enable automated recall reminders, click the check box to select and then choose the Delivery Channel Preference.

If you use LocalMed Online Scheduling or another third party, you can add an Online Scheduling link in the URL box below this to automatically be included in the recall message. If you do not include a link here, we will autofill the practice phone number

Follow the prompts to customize the frequency of the reminders and then click Save to apply.

Learn more about automated communication in Engagement and start filling up your schedule:

  • Click here to watch our Automated Communication Webinar

  • Click here to learn more about Recall Reminders

Or, follow along with our in-app walkthrough that outlines how to begin using Automated Recalls here:

Swell Integration

Swell is software that gathers patient reviews and feedback, gives you concrete steps you can use to improve, and helps you build a reputation that has new patients fighting to get an appointment. Swell is fully integrated with Engagement, which makes managing reviews easier than ever.

If you currently use Swell, learn how to set up Swell within Engagement by watching the quick video below:

Learn more about using Swell and the Swell Webchat Widget:

  • Click here to learn how Swell Integration works

  • Click here to learn more about setting up Swell within Engagement

  • Click here to learn about integrating the Swell Webchat Widget

Payments in Engagement

Make collecting payment easier for everyone involved, especially patients, and your practice will end up collecting more payments. With Payments in Engagement, we help you find patients with outstanding balances, and then send friendly, customizable text and email reminders with a link for them to securely pay their balance, wherever they are.

Interested in adding Payments to your Engagement subscription? Click here to contact us and activate these additional features!

Utilizing Payments can help build your practice's success by:

  • Keeping dental statements and payments secure

  • Sending individual or bulk text messages and emails to anyone with past-due balances

  • Accepting flexible payment options including HSA, debit, and major credit cards

Insurance Powered by Vyne

Eligibility Verification & Claims Processing

Your time is valuable and implementing efficient systems is a major contributor towards your practice's success. With Engagement Insurance [powered by Vyne], you can verify patients' insurance benefits digitally in a matter of seconds and submit claims so you get paid faster with simple claim management tools.

Interested in adding Insurance to your Engagement subscription? Click here to contact us and activate these additional features!

With the verification and processing features available in Engagement, your practice will experience:

More accurate treatment planning

Create accurate, comprehensive treatment plans that take a patient’s coverage and out-of-pocket expenses into account.

Improved patient satisfaction

If patients are aware of their coverage and costs up-front, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their experience at your dental practice.

Fewer billing errors

Dental insurance verification ensures the correct procedures and costs are billed to the insurance provider, minimizing the work it takes to get accurate statements.

Increased revenue

Accurate answers allow your practice to receive the payment you’re owed while decreasing the hours it takes staff to manually verify insurance.

Learn more about using DI Insurance in your practice:

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