Online scheduling can improve practice workflow, increase staff efficiency and boost patient satisfaction. The Action Items dashboard will help your practice manage patients with differing needs. Here you will see various lists of patients requiring appointments, including those who require immediate attention, those who are past due for hygiene visits, and those with missed appointments.

Using the Action Items Dashboard

Using the ASAP list

Using the Action Items Dashboard

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Within Engagement, access Online Scheduling

  2. Select Action Items

  3. Click on a specific category, the associated patient list will be displayed.

  4. Additional notes can be added by utilizing the pencil icon.

  5. To remove a patient from a list, the trash can icon may be selected.

Using the ASAP list

The ASAP tagging feature enables a seamless migration of any previously created ASAP tags utilizing tagging filters to the newly implemented purple ASAP tag. In cases where you have created more than one patient tag as ASAP, you can update your tags using bulk actions.

Note: If you add a patient into the ASAP category list, it will give them the permanent purple ASAP patient tag. To learn more about patient tagging, click here.

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Add a patient from the Action Items Dashboard

  2. Search for the Patient to be added to the list

    1. Here, you can add:

      • Notes

      • Preferred provider

      • Preferred appointment time

  3. Preferences are recorded on your dashboard

Patients can also be tagged with the ASAP tag in the Patients page. Learn more here.

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