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Learn how to prevent certain patients from scheduling online by adding them to a blocklist

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In some instances, it may be necessary to prevent a patient from requesting an appointment online. With the Engagement Online Scheduling Blocklist, you can add patients to the list by their phone and/or email.

Important note: The Blocklist only recognizes patients by their email and/or phone number. If the patient has multiple phone numbers or emails that you would like to block, be sure to add those to the Blocklist.

How to Add a Patient to the Blocklist

To add a patient to the Blocklist, follow the steps below:

  1. From the left side menu, click on Online Scheduling and then click on Settings

  2. Click on the Blocklist section

  3. To add a patient to the Blocklist, click on the Add patient button

  4. Add the following patient details:

    1. Enter contact data manually or search your existing patient database

    2. If entering contact data manually, add the patient's email and phone number. If searching for a patient already within your database, review their contact information to ensure accuracy.

    3. Select the reason for adding the patient to the Blocklist: outstanding balance, excessive no shows, inactive, or other

  5. When finished, click Add

What does the blocked patient see when they try to schedule online?

When a patient with a phone number or email address that has been added to your Blocklist attempts to request an appointment online, they will see the message below:

How to Remove a Patient from the Blocklist

A patient will remain on the Blocklist indefinitely or until you remove them from the list. To delete a patient from the Blocklist, click on the trashcan icon.

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