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See the patient view when scheduling an appointment online through Engagement

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Offering online appointment scheduling is a great way to give patients flexibility and control over their appointments. They can find and book appointments at their own convenience and get their appointment reminders and paperwork without ever needing to make a phone call!

In this article, we'll explore:

Online Scheduling through Engagement also gives the practice complete control over which procedures, providers and operatories can be booked online. This has a direct integration with your practice management software, so all of the appointment information is automatically entered for you.

New Patient Mobile Experience

Generally, new patients will access your general online scheduling link through your website. To locate the link and learn how to send it out, click here.

  1. When the patient opens the online scheduling link after it is sent to them, they will be required to select and enter in the following information:

    1. Select I'm a new patient

    2. First and last name

    3. Birthday

    4. Phone and email address

    5. Primary insurance (this field will show only if the setting was selected when the scheduling link was created. Click here to learn more about creating scheduling links)

  2. If insurance details are required: Upon selecting their primary insurance carrier, the patient will be asked to also enter their Member ID and Group number (optional). Entering this information will allow Engagement to run an eligibility check upon completing the appointment request (available for Engagement subscriptions that include DI Insurance, click here to request more information)

  3. Next, the patient will select their Reason for Visit from the available options you have set up

  4. Then, they will be prompted to either select a Specific Provider or the Next Available Provider

  5. Next, they will select an appointment date and time slot from the available times Engagement [Modento] is able to read from your Practice Management Software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental) and the time durations you have selected

  6. Lastly, the patient will Confirm and Schedule

Note: If the appointment requires a reservation fee, they will be asked to "Pay & Confirm." For more information on adding a reservation fee to a service type, click here.

Existing Patient Mobile Experience

Existing patients have the option to schedule through your general online scheduling link, or a staff member can send them an invitation to schedule.

When an invitation to schedule is sent from the office, it will auto fill the patient's contact and insurance information, as well as the appointment type they are scheduling for. The patient will simply need to choose a day and time, and it will automatically create an appointment in your practice management software.

For more information on how to send an Invitation to Schedule, click here.

  1. First, the patient receives a link to schedule via text, email, or the Modento app

  2. The Patient Portal will open in a new window. The patient will select I'm an existing patient

  3. The patient will enter their first and last name, birthday, and will have the opportunity to update their primary insurance information if needed

  4. They will select a time that is most convenient for them

    Note: Engagement [Modento] can read into existing patient data to give date and time suggestions based on trends from their last appointments.

  5. Review details and confirm appointment

    Note: If the appointment requires a reservation fee, they will be asked to "Pay & Confirm." For more information on adding a reservation fee to a service type, click here.

  6. If the is it is reservation fee gets declined or doesn’t process properly then patients will get a text or email to re-submit payment

Appointment Scheduled Email Notification

After an appointment has been confirmed, the patient will receive an emailed Appointment Scheduled notification. This email will look something like this:

You can modify the verbiage of these Appointment Scheduled notifications in Engagement Settings by clicking on the Verbiage tab. Click here to learn more about customizing verbiage.

If the patient would like to add the appointment to their personal calendar, they can click on the attached calendar file to download and save it to their preferred calendar.

Looking for additional information about online scheduling? Check out our webinar!

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