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Learn how to set up practice-level service types for Engagement Online Scheduling

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The first step in setting up online scheduling is adding the practice-level services. Here is a short video that explains how to set them up:

💥Important Note💥: If you have a Bridge Version of 110 or higher, this online scheduling process can be set to push the appointment into the schedule automatically. If you have a lower Bridge Version, this will appear as an appointment request and will not automatically push the appointment onto the schedule. Click here to learn how to update your Engagement Bridge.

To learn more about appointment requests, click here.

Create a Practice-Level Service

  1. Access Settings in your Online Scheduling tab

  2. Select Practice-Level Services, then click Create service

  3. In the task window, enter Service Name and include a Description of the Service for easier organization and future reference

  4. Add the total Time Duration of the appointment in minutes (must be an increment of 5)

  5. Adjust the time needed for Assisted Preparation and Assisted Finish Time by dragging the sliding scale on the front and back end

  6. Choose the Patient Status that this service should be available for: New Patients, Existing Patients, or both

  7. Choose the Patient Type that this service should be available for: Adult, Child, or both

  8. Select the checkbox to Automatically Create the service type in your practice management software (ie, Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft).

    If this checkbox is not selected OR if you have not updated to Engagement Bridge Version 110, appointments will appear as requests in the Inbox and must be manually accepted to add to the schedule. Click here to learn how to update your Engagement Bridge.

    1. ADA codes will not be automatically attached to the appointment. The applicable codes will be listed in the appointment notes to inform you of the reason for visit. ADA codes will need to be manually attached once the appointment is pushed through. To learn more about appointment requests, click here.

  9. Click Next

  10. Select the checkboxes next to the Operatories this service can be scheduled in, then select the applicable Providers assigned to that operatory (you must select at least one Provider per Operatory)

  11. When finished, click Next

  12. If you would like to "hide" this service type from your Online Scheduling 'Reason for Visit' service list, select the first checkbox. When selected, this service type can only be chosen when sent directly to the patient via the 'Invite to Schedule' action

  13. If you would like to allow scheduling for this service type only during specific blocks, select the checkbox. This is correlated with the Block Template Scheduling in your practice management software.

    1. 💥Block Template Scheduling💥

      Engagement [Modento] Online Scheduling is able to read block template scheduling in your practice management software. This is also known as:

      • Dentrix - Perfect Day Scheduling

      • OpenDental - Blockout Types

      • Eaglesoft - OnSchedule Templates

      If you would like to utilize this feature, please ensure that your block template scheduling is enabled and set up in your practice management software. If you need assistance with this, please reach out to your practice management software's support. Once this is done, reach out to our support team to allow us to enable this feature.

  14. If you would like to charge a reservation fee for this service type, select the checkbox and then enter the fee amount. The patient will pay the predetermined amount prior to scheduling the appointment.

  15. Add the related Procedures / Appointment codes for this service type

  16. Choose the Earliest Availability for the appointment. Please note that 'business days' are specific to the practice hours as set up in Engagement Settings. Learn more about setting up your practice hours here.

  17. When finished, click Next

  18. Review the established settings and then click Create to finish adding the new service type

We recommend starting your Online Scheduling journey by watching our webinar! We'll show you how to leverage Engagement Online Scheduling in Dental Intelligence to increase the number of visits in your practice.

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