Setting up your scheduling settings in a dental practice is crucial for the smooth operation of the practice and for providing the best possible care for patients.

Access Settings in your online scheduling tab

Select General Settings

Accurate provider availability in your practice management software ensures that patients can schedule appointments with the appropriate providers at the most convenient times for them. If provider hours are updated in your practice management software, you can sync availability in your online scheduling settings.

Additionally, having an insurance authenticator in place is important because it helps to ensure that patients are aware of whether their insurance is in-network or out-of-network with the practice. This helps to avoid confusion and surprise bills for patients, and can also help to streamline the billing and insurance claims process for the practice.

Here, you will list the insurance companies you are in network with.

Enabling patients to view their insurance network status online can be a helpful feature that can improve the patient experience and help them understand the cost of their care before they book an appointment. You can check this box to let patients know if they are in or out of network before scheduling.

  • Please note: If a patient is out of network, they will still be able to schedule an appointment online.

Next, you will set up the different appointment types. Setting these up will allow for accurate booking and management, a better understanding of the time required for specific treatment, and help manage the patients' appointment reminders and follow ups.

Learn how to set-up appointment types here:

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