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This article will cover the most frequently asked questions about Engagement Payments with Clearent.

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General Questions

Payment Messaging Questions

Banking/Finance Questions

General Questions

How do I sign up for Engagement Payments with Clearent?

If you are interested in adding Engagement Payments with Clearent CLICK HERE and one of our representatives will reach out to you to help you get set up.

Are payments processed through Engagement Payments secure?

Yes, we utilize tokenization which means card holder information is not stored locally on a workstation or on our servers.

Which Practice Management Softwares does Engagement Payments integrate with?

Payments works with all Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and OpenDental for physical terminal, virtual terminal and single payment requests. Bulk payment requests and write backs to ledger are only available for OpenDental and Eaglesoft users, but we are working on expanding that availability to all our Dentrix customers.

How do patients get added to a bulk payment request?

Any patient that has a balance due greater than $15, is 30+ days past due, and has no open insurance claims will appear in the the bulk payment request option. You can unselect any patient you do not want to request a payment from. Learn more about making bulk payment requests here.

What is the cost of a terminal?

Terminals are $207 per device. The terminals are billed through your Clearent merchant account on your first statement.

Payment Messaging Questions

What number does the payment request text message come from?

The number used for payment requests will be the same number texting number assigned to your office for all of your other text communications from the Engagement module.

If a patient is under 18, who receives the payment request?

A payment request for a minor will go to the guarantor on record.

How often can I send a payment request?

We do not limit how often you send a payment request, but recommend no more than once per week as a best practice. Keep in mind, if a previous payment request has been sent, and you send a second payment request, the original payment link in the first text will be deactivated.

When do payment requests expire?

Payment requests do not expire unless another payment request is sent to the same patient. The previously sent payment request will no longer be active at that point.

Banking/Finance Questions

How long does it take a payment to clear the bank?

48 business hours. Monday funds are deposited on Wednesday, Tuesday funds are deposited on Thursday, and Wednesday funds are deposited on Friday. Funds collected on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday will be deposited on Monday. Funds collected on Sunday will be deposited on the following Tuesday.

How often are funds deposited into the practice bank account?

Funds are deposited once per business day (Monday - Friday). Deposits are batched at midnight every night. Learn more about posting payments to the ledger here.

Can payments be written back into the Practice Management Ledger?

All OpenDental and Eaglesoft users can toggle their Engagement Payments settings to automatically post payments and refunds to the ledger in their Practice Management Software. Click here to learn more about Payments Settings.

Dentrix users can manually associate payments in the Payments tab of Engagement. Click here to learn more.

What fees are associated with Engagement Payments?

  • 2.79% flat rate (no monthly fee, no transaction fee).

  • $25 chargeback fee for disputed payments

  • $29.95 PCI Non Compliance Fee. This is only applied when a merchant fails to complete the PCI compliance process.

When are fees withdrawn from my account?

Fees are withheld in arrears, and will be withdrawn from the bank account the beginning of the following month. (January fees are withdrawn the beginning of February, and so on.)

Can I issue a refund?

Yes, learn how to process a refund here.

Will I get a monthly statement?

Yes, during your application with Clearent you can opt in or out of receiving mailed and/or electronics statements. The statements will come directly from Clearent.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted: Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express

How do I update my banking information?

Login to your Clearent account at my.clearent.net/ui/home. Click on Account Settings on the left side of the screen then select 'Bank Account Settings' Your changes will be processed in 1-2 days.

Can we process a payment using an EOB virtual card?

Yes, best practice for this is to use the Engagement Create patient feature and set up a 'patient' named 'Insurance Payments', since payments received are tied to a patient name. Then use the Engagement Payment virtual terminal to process the payment. Click here to learn more about processing payment from an EOB card.

Can a patient be permanently removed from a payment request list?

If a patient meets the specified criteria they will appear in the list, however you can de-select or Snooze anyone you do not want to receive a bulk payment request. Click here to learn more about snoozing patients.

When are fees withheld?

Fees are billed in arrears, and will come out first few days of the following month.

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