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Engagement: Dental Intelligence Payments

Get to know more about our Payments solution in Engagement

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On average, practices collect an additional $25,000 within three months of adopting Dental Intelligence Payments. Why? Because when payments are this easy, more patients pay on time and in full.

You don't have to keep manually creating reports of past due accounts. You don't have to email statements one by one. You don't have to make uncomfortable phone calls that suck attention away from the patients currently in your practice. You just check Payments, click a few buttons, and eliminate hundreds of hours of work.

We tell you who owes your dental practice money. Set parameters to choose what types of balances to focus on. Choose to send customizable messages in bulk or to a single patient.

By using Payments, the smartest billing solution in the dental industry, you'll get paid faster, save valuable time, and gain peace of mind. Let us help you manage your AR, so you can focus on providing affordable dental care and improving dental treatment.

Simplify the process and speed up collections with our text-to-pay options and personalized dental payment requests.


Engagement [Modento] Payments is fully integrated with Clearent, our preferred Engagement payment processing service. Effective July 2023, new customers that want access to all of the available payment features in Engagement will need to integrate with Clearent. These features include:

Interested in adding Engagement Payments with Clearent? CLICK HERE!

Learn more about functionality available in Engagement Payments! Watch our webinar all about using Bulk Payment Requests, Physical and Virtual Terminals, Refunds and Saving Cards on File, and more!

Other Payment Processing Integrations

We continue to support existing customers using Stripe, Apex, or Moolah, and you will continue to have your single payment request capabilities.

Please note: Stripe, Apex, and Moolah integration does not allow for bulk payment functionality with Engagement.

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