You can now save even more time by sending patient payment requests in bulk! With Engagement payments, you will be able to filter a list of patients and subsequently send a payment request with just a few clicks for offices using Clearent as there payment merchent. If you would like more information on signing up with Clearent, click here.

Follow this step-by-step to see how to prepare and send a bulk payments request.

Note: As long as your PMS bridge is up-to-date, this Bulk payment request feature is available for Open Dental and Eaglesoft users. It will be available soon for Dentrix users.

Bulk Payment Requests


  1. Access the Payments section

  2. Click on Payment Requests

  3. Select the Collect Payment button

  4. Select Bulk Payment Request

  5. Select a Saved List to include all patients that meet the listed criteria

  6. Check the box to include patients in the request

  7. Set Communication. Here, you will choose a preferred delivery channel and preview the message.

    💥 To change what the payment request says, learn more about customizing verbiage here. 💥

  8. The Summary allows you to review the settings prior to sending the request out.

To learn more about how to send single payment requests, refer to the following article:

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