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Engagement: Accepting Payments at Your Physical Terminal
Engagement: Accepting Payments at Your Physical Terminal

This article will cover the physical payments terminal available for our Engagement Payment with Clearent.

Written by Jolynn Marcum
Updated over a week ago

Customers with Engagement Payments now have the option of using physical terminals. These are available to purchase for customers using Clearent as their payment processing service.

Terminals are $207 per device. The terminals are billed through your Clearent merchant account on your first statement.

Interested in adding Engagement Payments with Clearent? CLICK HERE and one of our representatives will reach out to you to help you get set up.

The ViVOpay 8300 provides a secure chip or magnetic stripe reader with contactless capabilities. This model is the perfect solution for offices that want to support the latest payment options.

Your ViVOpay 8300 is so simple to install, you simply plug the included USB cable into your workstation and you are ready to start processing payments with your Engagement Payments.

To learn more about setting up your physical terminal and processing payments using Engagement Payments, click here.

Using Your Physical Terminal

  1. Access the Patients Tab

  2. Click on the Three Dot Menu and hover over Payments

  3. Select Physical Terminal Payment

  4. The payment screen will default to the patient’s balance due, but the amount can be adjusted as desired by the office team member

  5. Click on Click here to begin reading card to wake up the card reader

  6. Have the patient insert, swipe, or tap the card to capture the payment information

  7. Click Submit to complete the transaction

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