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Provider Pulse: Why am I Seeing 'Non-Production' as a Role Under my Tx Coordinators?
Provider Pulse: Why am I Seeing 'Non-Production' as a Role Under my Tx Coordinators?

In the Provider Pulse, my Tx Coordinators are listed as "non-production". Why is this happening?

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Dental Intelligence has automated the Tx Team tracker to include your Treatment Coordinators in your Case metrics, here is the article to learn how to enable this feature!

When first getting started with using Tx Coordinators in the Case metrics in the Provider Pulse, you may notice that occasionally you will see one of them listed in the Provider Pulse as "non-production":ย 

If you click on the Treatment Team %s below that provider, you can see which patients are under the "non-production" for this user. You'll notice that when you click on the treatment team details, no providers are selected.

This is happening because Dental Intelligence has detected that the Treatment Coordinator is the only Dental Intelligence user with production attached to the appointments for these patients. This usually happens because a doctor or hygienist's Provider ID from your practice management software (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental) is not attached to their user in Dental Intelligence. In most cases, making sure your Practice Users are set up correctly will correct the issue.

If there are some patients where the Treatment Coordinator is the only person completing procedures on the patient ledger in a day, you can use the Tx Team Tracker to manually assign treatment teams to these patients to ensure that everything comes into the Provider Pulse correctly.ย 

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