LocalMed: Cross-Domain Measurement with Google Analytics 4 for LocalMed

Learn how to enable GA4 Cross-Domain Measurement for LocalMed

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Important note: LocalMed does not integrate with Google Tag Manager. LocalMed only integrates with Google Ads and Google Analytics (GA4). Support is only responsible for placing your GA4 property ID (G-XXXX) or Google Ads Conversion label/Conversion ID onto your LocalMed widget.

Step 1: Set Up Cross-Domain Measurement

Cross-domain measurement allows activity to be accurately attributed to a single user as they cross domains. Outbound clicks that would ordinarily trigger an event via enhanced measurement are ignored when the outbound link leads to a domain that you've listed as part of cross-domain measurement.

To set up cross-domain measurement on the source domain (your website) for URLs pointing to the destination domain (localmed.com), click below:

Step 2: Send LocalMed your Google Analytics 4 Tag ID

Once you have completed the GA4 cross-domain measurement setup, send LocalMed the Tag ID to implement in your widgets. Send an email to support@localmed.com with the Tag ID, Practice Name, and Office Name in the following format:

G-XXXXXXXXX Practice Name Office Name (if more than one office)

For questions about Google Tags, please see the Google Support article linked below:

LocalMed's Side

On LocalMed's side, Adwords and/or Analytics tracking can be enabled by adding the Conversion ID & Label and/or Google Analytics 4 Property (G-code) to a particular widget. This step has to be done by a LocalMed employee. An example of the configuration on our side is shown below. Each widget can be assigned different IDs/codes.

Google Adwords

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