LocalMed: Navigating your Dashboard

This article will walk you through the metrics on your LocalMed Dashboard

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Your LocalMed Online Scheduling Dashboard gives you insights into the patients being scheduled, new patients statistics, and allows you to manage your Online Scheduling settings. Watch this short video to learn more:

Navigating your LocalMed Dashboard

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access your LocalMed by logging in as a Provider at LocalMed.com

  2. Here you will have your Online Scheduling dashboard pop up as the default. This will include the following tools:

    1. Scheduled Appointments Graph, this shows the increase and decrease in scheduled appointments over a period of time

    2. New Patients Pie Chart, this shows how many new patients & returning patients have scheduled through LocalMed over a period of time

      Note: For the graph and pie chart, you are able to change the period of time being viewed by selecting the Scheduled Drop Down Menu in the top right hand corner

    3. A list of Recently Scheduled Appointments

    4. Any Pending Appointments from LocalMed

      1. To learn more about Pending Appointments, click here

If you are a Multiple Location Practice, you can switch between locations by clicking the Practice Drop Down Menu. This way you can view performance for specific locations!

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