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LocalMed: Add an Announcement Banner to Widgets

This article will discuss adding a banner to the Local Med online scheduling widget

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The scheduling widget now has the ability to make an announcement at the top inside of a banner. In the image below, an announcement has been made about COVID procedures although any announcement can be added. A button is also possible that can redirect to an external page with more details on the announcement.

Enabling and Customizing the LocalMed Announcement Banner

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click on the Office Name you wish to update inside of the LocalMed Online Scheduling portal under the Offices section

  2. After clicking the office, Click Announcement

  3. You are now able to add Notice Text and a Button Link. Optionally you can add a prebuilt COVID-19 notice

  4. When done customizing, select Save Changes. This will reflect immediately when patients schedule through your Online Scheduling Widget

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