LocalMed: Adding Appointment Types

How to set up a new appointment type for your Local Med online scheduling

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Before adding a new appointment type in LocalMed make sure that the appointment/block type exists in your practice management software!

Below are some of the appointment types that our other customers have consistent success with. We invite you to review the list and let us know on your set up call which ones you'd like to set up for your providers!

  • New Patient Exam - Adult

  • New Patient Exam - Child

  • Returning Exam - Adult

  • Returning Exam - Child

  • Teeth Cleaning - Child - Returning

  • Teeth Cleaning - Adult - Returning

  • Emergency Exam

Adding an Appointment Type in LocalMed

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First open the LocalMed Portal to the Practice Overview page

  2. At the top of the right side of the page is the actions box, click on Add a Reason for Visit

    This will open up the Add Reason for Visit page

  3. Select which offices you want this appointment type to schedule at. Any locations that are selected will have this appointment type appear for patients while scheduling online.

  4. Click the Next button to continue to the next step

  5. Here you will select the reason for visit. This is the title the patient will see while scheduling

    You can switch between new and returning patient appointments in the top right of the box

    Try using the search bar at the top to quickly find a title that accurately describes your appointment type!

  6. Once the reason for visit has been selected press Next to move onto the next step. On this page you will be linking the reason for visit with the appointment type in your practice management software

    You will see a list of all appointment types found in your practice management software.

    Use the search bar to find the proper appointment type, you can search by the name/description, code, or appointment length.

    This is the appointment title you will see appear on your schedule in the practice management software when a patient schedules

  7. Once you've selected the proper appointment type click Next to move on

  8. This is where you can select which operatories this appointment can be scheduled in.

    Choose all applicable options and press next!

  9. Finally you can choose which providers can be scheduled with for this appointment type. You will see a list of all your providers in LocalMed.

    If the provider does not have a checkbox to the left of their name and instead has an Enable button to the right, then that provider is currently not linked to the operatories you selected on the last step. Press Enable to activate the proper ops

  10. Once you have selected the providers press Next to move to the last step

  11. All that is left is to confirm the information you have selected

    If anything looks wrong on this page click on the Edit button to the right of it

    If everything looks correct then press Add Reason for Visit

  12. A loading sequence will appear ending with the following page:

Congrats, you're done!

The new appointment type has been added and will be an available option for patients to choose while scheduling online!

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