LocalMed: Adding Custom Appointment Types

This video will show you how to customize your appointment types in your Local Med online Scheduling tool

Written by Jolynn Marcum
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Watch this video for a walkthrough of how to add Custom Appointment Types:

Adding Custom Appointment Types

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Practice Overview tab in your LocalMed dashboard

  2. Select the Add Appointment Type button in the top left hand corner

  3. Follow the steps this process will walk you through

    1. Select the applicable Office (location) if there are multiple, then click Next

    2. Enter in the requirements for the Reason For Visit then click Next

      1. Name

      2. Description (optional)

      3. Patient Status

      4. Age Range (optional)

      5. Scheduling Channels

      6. Category

    1. Select the Appointment Type. This pulls through the procedure codes and appointment lengths from your Practice Management Software. Click Next

    2. Choose which Operatories these appointments can be scheduled in. Click Next

    3. Select which Providers this can be scheduled with. This will pull the Provider ID's from your Practice Management Software. Click Next

    4. Confirm on the final page then click Add Reason For Visit

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