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Learn how to enable Perfect Day Scheduling ("PDS") in LocalMed after it has been set up in your practice management software

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Utilize Perfect Day Scheduling ("PDS") in your practice management software to set up “time blocks” to reserve space for specific procedures in LocalMed.

What is "Perfect Day Scheduling?"

Perfect Day Scheduling enables you to have more control over your schedule by designating specific times to be blocked for specific appointment types / procedures. Utilizing LocalMed Online Scheduling and PDS ensures that your patients have the ability to schedule with ease while optimizing your schedule and maximizing your production!

Required Information for Set Up in LocalMed

Once you have set up Perfect Day Scheduling in your practice management software, you will need contact Dental Intelligence Support for assistance with enabling PDS in LocalMed.

Important note: You must have Perfect Day Scheduling set up completely in your practice management software, PRIOR to contacting DI Support for assistance with LocalMed scheduling.

If you need assistance setting up Perfect Day Scheduling in you practice management software, please reach out to your practice management software support team.

In order to enable your existing practice management software PDS settings in LocalMed, please provide us with the following information:

  1. What practice management software do you use?

    ie, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental

  2. What appointment types do you want available in these blocks? (Please use the exact LocalMed verbiage)

    ie, New Child Teeth Cleaning, Returning Adult Teeth Cleaning, New/Returning Consultation

  3. What appointment do you want to show open time?

    ie, New/Returning Emergency Tooth Pain

  4. What Ops will these blocks be in?

    ie, Hyg 1, Hyg 2, Operatory 4

  5. What providers will book in these blocks?

    ie, DDS1, HYG7, CON

  6. Will your blocks be the same every corresponding day of the week?

    ie, Yes, every Monday will have the same blocks

  7. In the most detail possible, explain where and when each block will be available. ie, Block in for New Child Teeth Cleaning, New/Returning Consult – in Hyg 1 and Operatory 4 – for DDS 1, and HYG7 – at 10:00-11:00, 2:00-4:00

Once you have set up Perfect Day Scheduling in your practice management software and can provide all of the information listed above, reach out to our support team to start the process! Click here to connect with us!

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