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LocalMed: Appointment Statuses & Notifications
LocalMed: Appointment Statuses & Notifications

This article will include examples of the notifications patients will receive through Local Med as well as Appointment Status definitions

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When patients schedule online through your LocalMed, the patients will automatically be sent an email and text notifications according to the appointment status. Below you will find a description of each appointment status and an example of how these emails will appear for the patient.

By default these emails will be formatted to be from LocalMed and will include the LocalMed logo at the top of the email. This can be changed and customized by going to your LocalMed dashboard (, and accessing the White Labeled Notifications.

Click here to learn how to customize LocalMed email notifications.

LocalMed Appointment Status and Patient Notifications

Scheduled Status

Scheduled means the appointment has been inserted into your Practice Management Software calendar. No action is required if it updates to this status. A confirmation email will be sent to the patient.

The patient will receive a text notification with the following message:

To complete the scheduling of your Teeth Cleaning - New appointment with Dr. John Smith at Monday, September 17 at 4:30 CDT please respond "Y".

Rejected Status

If a patient who is black-listed attempts to schedule an appointment it will be marked as Rejected. If the status reflects this, we will send an email to the patient with the following notice:

Conflicted Status

Conflicted means the appointment could not be scheduling due to a conflict in the Practice Management Software's calendar, meaning there is already an appointment or a block at that time.

Example: Someone at the office booking it at the same time or LocalMed not syncing then being synced later. This should not occur often. If the status reflects this, we will send an email to the patient with the following notice:

Duplicated Status

If a patient books twice with the same patient information or is Duplicated, we will send an email to the patient with the following notice:

Pending Status

Finally, Pending appointments are appointments that have been scheduled through the online scheduling process but have not yet been pushed through into a practice management system.

Click here to learn how to fix pending appointments.

Internal Practice Notifications

If a patient cancels their appointment, you will receive the following email notification:

If the patient updates their insurance through the scheduling process we will inform the Practice through email with the following notice:

If a black-listed patient attempts to schedule, you will receive the following email for the Rejected Appointment:

Note: LocalMed is not able to remove appointments from your Eaglesoft Schedule if the operating server is Version 21 or newer.

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