Got an email saying you have pending appointments? No problem – Pending appointments are appointments that have been booked but have not yet been entered into a practice management system. In order to correct these, you just need to restart LocalMed on the computer LocalMed is installed on. This computer will have a red cross icon on the desktop that reads LocalMed Connect.

Note: This might be your Server Computer. This is most likely a computer found in a back room in your office that is not used every day. You also might have an IT Group that maintains your server computer. If so, this article can be shared with your IT Group

Restarting LocalMed to Fix Pending Appointments

Step by Step Instructions:

Method 1

  1. Click Start (the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner) on your desktop

  2. Type Services, this will pop up with a search section

  3. Click on the Services App (gear icon)

  4. Find and Right-click LocalMed Connect

  5. Click Restart

Method 2

  1. Find the LocalMed icon in the Tray. The Tray will be found in the bottom right of your desktop

  2. Right-click on the LocalMed icon

  3. Click Admin Client

  4. Select the Services Tab (if this tab does not appear right away, click anywhere in the Admin Console window)

  5. Right-click on LocalMed Connect Service

  6. Click Restart

If you can’t get either of these methods to work, feel free to reach out to our support team by signing in here and contacting support via chat. They’d be happy to troubleshoot the issue for you!

After this restart is completed, we will reflect that appointment status as either Scheduled, Rejected or Conflicted.

Scheduled means the appointment has been inserted into the Practice Management Software calendar. No action is required if it updates to this status. A confirmation email will be sent to the patient:

If a patient who is Black-Listed attempts to schedule an appointment it will be
marked as Rejected. If the status reflects this, we will send an email to the patient
with the following notice:

Conflicted means the appointment could not be scheduling due to a conflict in the Practice Management Software's calendar. If the status reflects this, we will send an email notification to the patient with the following notice:

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