LocalMed: Adding an Earliest Scheduling Date

This article will discuss the steps to add an Earliest Scheduling Date in Local Med

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Adding an Earliest Scheduling Date in LocalMed will block off all days up until a given date on your Online Scheduling calendar. This helps to avoid patients scheduling until the date you choose!

Adding an Earliest Scheduling Date for Individual Providers

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log-in to www.localmed.com/clients as a provider

  2. You will see a similar page as the one below:

  3. Scroll toward the bottom of this page. You will see a list of providers. Click on any one of your providers

  4. You will see a page similar to the one below. Click Schedule Settings

  5. Click the Office assigned to this provider that you wish to adjust the Earliest Scheduling Date for

  6. Select the earliest scheduling date you would like this provider to have

  7. Click Save Changes at the bottom of this page

  8. Click Practice Overview in the top left corner of the page to access the Providers list again and follow this process for additional providers if needed

  9. LocalMed will reflect these updates within 5 - 10 minutes!

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