Analytics Payments: Issuing a Refund

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to issue a refund of a payment made through Analytics Payments.

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This article is about our Payments Solution through our Analytics Module. If you are looking for information regarding our Payments Solution in the Engagement Module click here.

Issuing a refund has never been easier than with Analytics Payments. Watch our helpful video to see the simple step by steps.

Important Refund Details

  • Refunds are NOT currently written back into your practice management software. You will need to make sure that you post the refunded amount to the patient's ledger in your practice management software.

  • Refunds can only be made for the total amount of the payment received.

  • If the payment has already been deposited into your bank account then the refund will be processed and credit issued to the patient within 3-7 business days.

  • If a payment has not been fully processed then the transaction will be voided and the payment not be withdrawn from the patient's bank account.

How to Issue a Refund

  1. Click the Payments Icon from the left hand menu

  2. Select the Payments Dashboard

  3. Set the desired Date Range

  4. Click on Payments Made

  5. Locate the Name for the person you want to issue a refund and click the Refund option

  6. Confirm the card the refund will be issued to and the email the refund receipt will be sent

  7. Click Continue to process the refund or Cancel if you no longer want to issue the refunds

  8. Post the refund into the patient's ledger. Refunds are NOT currently written back into your practice management software.

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