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This article will discuss where Analytics Payment notes are written back into your Practice Management Software

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This article is about our Payments Solution through our Analytics Module. If you are looking for information regarding our Payments Solution the Engagement Module click here.

We give you the option in your Analytics Payment Settings to have all payment request attempts written into the Patients Notes in your Practice Management Software AND to have successful payments written back automatically to your Ledger.

Where will the Payment Request Notes Appear in my Practice Management Software?

The Analytics Payment attempt notes will appear in the same place as the Follow Up Push Notes. Refer to the corresponding article for your current Practice Management Software to learn where you can access these:

Note: Payments Write-back / Push Notes cannot be pushed into Fuse. The patient ledger will need to be manually updated

Where do Customer Payments Appear in my Practice Management Software?

The Analytics Payments write-back happens after the payment clears your practice bank account. The ledger will reflect the payment according to the Practice Management Softwares default allocation. For example, we apply the payment to the oldest balance-due portion of the total balance. If any remains, we apply the remaining to the next, and so on until the full payment is allocated. The default for payments write-back is off. With write-back off, the AR Administrator must manually enter each payment from the "Update Ledger" list into the Practice Management System. After writing all payments into the PMS, check each payment and click Update to remove them from the list.

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If you are looking for information on our payments solution in our Engagement module click here.

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