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Analytics Payments: Processing a Payment Using an EOB Virtual Card
Analytics Payments: Processing a Payment Using an EOB Virtual Card

This article will discuss how to process an insurance payment (E.O.B.) through the Analytics Payments Virtual Terminal.

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With Analytics Payments you have the ability to complete payments via the Virtual Terminal. Here you are able to process insurance payments using the Virtual Card provided, this is most likely found on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Document. This article will discuss how and where to access the necessary information to do this successfully.

Process an Insurance Payment with the Virtual Terminal

  1. Access the Virtual Terminal feature in the Analytics Payments Dashboard

  2. Search for and select the Patient

  3. This process will look identical to when you would typically submit a Virtual Terminal Payment. Here you will Select or Enter the amount to be collected

    1. To learn more about this process refer to this article

  4. Now you will enter in the card information provided on the EOB (most likely found on the Explanation of Payment page)

    1. An example of a common Virtual Card type is QuicRemit, here is what the Virtual Card might look like:

  5. When entering in the Zip Code, do NOT refer to the zip code found at the top of the EOB, this is the return address. Instead, refer to the address provided on the last page of the document:

  6. Remember to De-Select the "Save Card For Future Use" check box as we do not want to save the virtual card

  7. Click Next

  8. Add your Office Email to receive the emailed receipt rather than the patient's. This will help to avoid confusion

  9. Click Make Payment

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