Analytics Payments: Card on File

This article will cover how to save or delete a Credit Card on file when using Analytics Payments.

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This article will cover how to save a card on file or remove a card saved on file.

Whenever a credit card information is collected and entered, it can be saved on file for future use by your office. This is securely saved, and only the last 4 digits of the number are visible to the office.

Saving Card on File

When using the Analytics Payments Virtual Terminal, simply check the box to save the card on file. This will save the card on file for future use.

Removing Card Saved on File

To remove a credit card that was previously saved on file follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the patient name using the search bar at the top of your Analytics software.

  2. Select the Payments Icon located on the patient card

  3. Select the Virtual Terminal

  4. Click the Remove button, to remove the card saved on file.

This information can also be edited or removed by the patient when clicking on the payment link that they receive via text or email and removing or adding new payment information.

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